[WRTC2018] WRTC 2018 – just another 1000 days to go AND request for support

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Hi Michael

We have our montly magazine called  OZ

E-mail address directly to our redacteur:  oz8xw at edr.dk

E-mail address to our head office:  kontor at edr.dk 

E-mail address to our Contestmanager:  oz1bii at edr.dk 

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OZ1BII Henning Andresen
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Emne: [WRTC2018] WRTC 2018 – just another 1000 days to go AND request for support

Dear friends,

October 16th, 2015 is a special date in the preparations for the WRTC (World Radiosport Team Championship). Exactly 1000 days are left before the opening of the WRTC on July 11th, 2018. It was almost one year ago that Germany was awarded to host the WRTC by the WRTC Sanctioning Committee (WRTC SC).
To celebrate this date DK0WRTC will be in the air today, activated by former WRTC participants and referees, e.g. Uli, DJ2YA, Manfred, DJ5MW, Stefan, DL1IAO, Frank, DL2CC and Manfred, DK2OY.
We also publish a press release on wrtc2018.de to look back at first results and to look forward towards the future.

We will distribute our press releases to ham radio magazines world-wide. 
However, in many cases it not easy for me to find the right e-mail address, e.g. for the appropriate SRR journal, because my limited Russian language skills.

Please send me the e-mail addresses of your regional ham journals or contesting club newsletters.

TNX, cu in WAG, 73 de
Michael, DL6MHW

Michael Höding, DL6MHW
Vice-President, Fundraising, PR
Phone: +49 39201 20779
E-Mail: dl6mhw at wrtc2018.de

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