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Steve (& all),

I read Jim's book about WRTC2014 last week.  Great read for contesters and
non-contesters alike.  I learned a few things, including about your
operation.  Even though I attended as a volunteer myself, I was in charge
of managing the volunteers at 5 sites at Myles Standish so I was (more
than) fully occupied during much of the event.

Since I've been licensed for, let's just say 50+ years, I'm not in a
position to judge whether it also meets Jim's aspirations for interesting a
non-ham audience.  But for contesters and would-be contesters, it is a
"must read".

And by the way, I hope to be on the site of WRTC2018 later this year for
site testing during the IARU competition, as I was in  New England in
2013.  Report in CQ Magazine (for which I pen the Contesting Column).

And thank you, Steve, for your great write-ups for ARRL SS and
contributions to N1MM+!  You relocated to New Mexico instead of to Maine.
You're an inspiration to many others who otherwise might think that one has
to be in New England to "win".  Sort of like K3LR in western Pennsylvania.

73, Dave K3ZJ

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 4:40 PM, Steve London <n2icarrl at gmail.com> wrote:

> So...who has read "Contact Sport" that was at WRTC-2014 ? Did Jim get it
> right, in your opinion ? Was too much emphasis placed in some areas, and
> too little in others ?
> I have read it cover-to-cover, and gave it 5 stars on Amazon and a thumbs
> up !
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC
> On 01/08/2016 08:06 AM, David Siddall wrote:
>> re WRTC2014
>> J.K. George, N3BB
>> available Feb. 1 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. (see link below)
>> of Massachusetts, pairs of contestants huddle in tents filled with
>> communications equipment. Their voices soar through the air, riding waves
>> into the atmosphere, as they comb through static and noise for a response
>> from the other side of the world. They’re searching for loot in the form
>> of
>> other voices in the sky. The rarer their contact, the more valuable their
>> treasure.
>> A major new book describes the exciting world of amateur radio competition
>> and the intriguing characters of the 2014 World Radiosport Team
>> Championship. The competitors hail from across the planet, from youthful
>> challengers to veterans with decades of radiosporting experience. Meet
>> fascinating personalities as they battle computer malfunctions, getting
>> lost, and staying at the top of their game for 24 hours in a hot, stuffy
>> tent. The final scores bring surprises, disappointments, even a recount,
>> and decades-long friendships will be stressed in the fight for the crown
>> of
>> amateur radio, the ultimate “contact sport.” Follow the action as the
>> teams
>> dance upon the radio waves. See who will be crowned champions of their
>> sport.
>> Contact Sport is a wonderful book, written not only for knowledgeable
>> amateur radio operators, but also for their children and grandchildren, to
>> open the wonders of science and radio magic to all ages."
>> source: http://authorjkgeorge.com/books/#
>> 73, Dave K3ZJ
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