[WRTC2018] WRTC callsign pattern needed to prepare RBN/Skimmers

Toni Lindén oh2ua at oh2u.com
Mon Jul 2 11:44:16 CEST 2018

Hi Bob!

Why don't you just update the list with all possible German patterns for
now? It's not that much of a work with limited number of patterns still
missing, especially when you can use wildcards in pattern. This would make
sure the Skimmers are up to date by WRTC without organisers need to reveal
the callsigns before the event.

OK, it will most likely provide some false spots, but that's not a big deal
for one weekend. Then, after the WRTC you could roll back the old version
without all German patterns in the file.

Just my 2 cents,

73 de OZ/OH2UA

ma 2. heinäk. 2018 klo 1.03 Bob Wilson, N6TV via WRTC2018 (
wrtc2018 at lists.wrtc2018.de) kirjoitti:

> On Sun, Jul 1, 2018 at 3:13 PM, Randy Thompson K5ZD via WRTC2018 <
> wrtc2018 at lists.wrtc2018.de> wrote:
>> I think the WRTC caliber operators can deal with this challenge.
>> Remember the crazy callsigns we had in Slovenia!
> I think you've missed the point.  All spotting was done by humans then,
> but not now.
> There are roughly 150 CW Skimmers operating world-wide during major
> contests.  Two days notice may not provide sufficient time to make the
> required changes to all of these skimmers, so many WRTC callsigns could be
> ignored, or recognized very slowly, especially if the WRTC calls all begin
> with a "Y" as rumored.  This callsign pattern is *not* in the pattern
> file used by the all the Skimmers:
> http://cms.reversebeacon.net/sites/cms.reversebeacon.net/files/2018/05/11/patt3ch.lst
> If someone on the committee already knows what the WRTC callsigns will
> look like, *please look at this file* to see if that callsign pattern is
> already there.  If so, no worries.  But if it is *not* there, please tell
> us what is missing so that we can make the necessary update NOW.
> Otherwise, the WRTC ops may not have the CW pileups they were hoping for,
> or worse yet, with only humans spotting them,"cheerleaders" could post only
> "home team" calls, once they figure out who is operating, ruining the
> fairness of the competition.
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
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