[WRTC2018] Our trip through TXL and to Wittenberg today (all fb)

Bill Conwell bill at conwellpdx.com
Tue Jul 10 17:55:32 CEST 2018

My wife and I flew into TXL this afternoon, and took the bus to downtown
and the train to Wittenberg.  We offer details, fwiw.  All went well.  (We
flew from London, so can’t comment about customs in Berlin.  We walked
through customs in London without a pause.)

In TXL airport, we followed signs for busses.  The bus to the downtown
train station is at position 2.  It is an articulated bus – modern, but
full – many folks with luggage.  We bought our tickets from a machine out
on the sidewalk, which had an English interface but sort of confusing
instructions.  We ended-up buying a 2 zone (A-B) ticket for 2.80 euro per
person, and validated it, as required, in an adjoining machine, which
applied a time-stamp to the paper ticket.   No one checked our ticket,
however.  The bus trip to the main train station downtown (“Berlin Hbf”)
takes about 25 minutes with just one or two stops en route.  (We
followed-along on Google maps.)

An alternative would have been to take a taxi from TXL to the Berlin Hbf,
rather than the city bus.  My wife and I managed fine with 3 smallish
roller bags and a shoulder bag each, but with larger gear I’d opt for a

At the modern train station (which doubles as a 300-shop shopping mall) we
took an escalator up one floor, and on the right side of the central atrium
found the Deutsch Bahn (DB) ticket office.  We could have bought our
tickets online (from the iPhone DB app), but preferred the assurance of
dealing with a human.  The ticket office was on-wait for assistance with
“long distance” tickets such as ours, so we took a number (from a computer
UI – again with an optional English user interface), and soon were called
to counter position 10, where a young, helpful “Herr Nguyen” helped us.  We
opted for the pricier ICE (inter-city-express) train, which offered a
quicker commute than the milk-run alternative (which was about half the
price).  Seat reservations are an optional add-on, for which we gladly paid
a few extra euros to be assured that we’d be together in space we knew was
our own.  The two 2d class tickets, with seats reserved, cost 70 euros.  We
stored some of our bags overhead, and two others in a mid-carriage
multi-shelf luggage rack.  The ride on our ICE route was only 41 minutes –
much of it through flat wheat fields (soon to sprout antennas…)

I’m sending this from the train – complementary WiFi.  We know the
Wittenberg Lutherstadt train station from an earlier trip last year – it’s
blissfully simple.  A few taxis are generally around to meet the train,
although last year we simply rolled our bags the ~kilometer to downtown and
our hotel.


/Bill, K2PO

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