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Roger,  I might be of some limited help here. I was at WRTC as a visitor, and did make note of a few FOC ops I met there. They were: k4bai, ve7sv, N9RV, k5na, aa3b, k5aw, k1zz,and w1ebi.  

This list, of course, is very short, and I know that many other FOC ops were there.  However, being a newbie in the FOC, I just don't know as many as I should (or can remember). Additionally, several hundred amateurs were present, which further complicates knowing who all was there!

I am copying the WRTC reflector to ask FOC members to identify themselves, especially if they were competitors, referees, judges, or volunteers.

I can offer one additional bit of information.  That is, I was able to operate in the IARU contest as DL/K5KG for an hour from a small station that Claudio, I4VEQ, had set up in his flat in Wittenberg.  In that hour I made 70 QSOS, 14 of which were with Y8.. stations.  I will send you a photo or two of that operation.

I hope this helps to get the ball rolling.

161, George K5KG

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> On Jul 22, 2018, at 12:32, Roger Western <g3sxw at outlook.com> wrote:
> If not already done could someone (N3BB?) please put together a summary of FOC involvement in WRTC/Germany, either for NS or FOCUS.
> 73 de Roger/G3SXW.
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