[WRTC2018] WRTC2018 in photos by K5ZD

Vic DiCiccio vicd at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Jul 23 00:39:11 CEST 2018

I enjoyed these photos and the videos of the ferry and the action in the 
Montenegro tent.  Thanks so much Randy.


On 18-07-22 11:00 AM, Randy Thompson K5ZD via WRTC2018 wrote:
> I am not a great photographer, but I took a lot of pictures at 
> WRTC2018.  I have uploaded the photos to a public link.  Feel free to 
> look through them and remember the experience.
> https://photos.app.goo.gl/YF38tryFqpPfQFEy7
> The photos also include the tour to Leipzig that happened on Thu and a 
> walking tour of Wittenberg on Saturday.
> As a member of the judging committee, I had the privilege to visit 
> some of the teams during the setup and during the contest.  It is 
> always interesting to see how the teams have setup their equipment.
> 73
> Randy, K5ZD
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